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We felt like we were in the best hands every step of the way. Rachel is punctual, insightful, communicative, and is very knowledgeable about Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas.

12/9/19 – Jeff & Amanda via  Zillow


Rachel was an absolute professional and so helpful in our house hunt! We were moving from out of town and she was so accommodating. She knew the in's and out's of the area, and truly guided us through our home buying experience. We felt …MoreRachel was an absolute professional and so helpful in our house hunt! We were moving from out of town and she was so accommodating. She knew the in's and out's of the area, and truly guided us through our home buying experience. We felt confident every step of the way and knew we could trust Rachel. She is the reason we are in our dream house and we feel so lucky to have been able to work with her!

8/7/19 - Lydia Lanni via Google


Rachel is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is organized, knowledgeable and honest. From start to finish, we truly felt that she was there to make sure that we made a thoughtful decision as we purchased our first home. She taught us an …MoreRachel is absolutely wonderful to work with. She is organized, knowledgeable and honest. From start to finish, we truly felt that she was there to make sure that we made a thoughtful decision as we purchased our first home. She taught us an immense amount, steered us away from mistakes and helped make sure that we ended up with the home that we desired. We are very grateful and would certainly work with her again if we choose to move.

2/18/19 - Adam & Tali via Google


As first time home buyers, we feel so grateful to have had Rachel as our realtor. She not only helped us buy our home (which we love), but taught us all ton through the process. Rachel always gave her honest professional opinion without being forceful. She pointed out the pros and cons we never would have considered, as well as possible solutions to issues that could arise in different homes. Rachel also listened to our all our needs and was always there to answer any questions we had. We were very impressed by her expertise. She is also extremely hard working, responsive, and professional, qualities which really stood out through our closing process. We highly recommend Rachel!

Hannah & Braden – 11/7/2018 via Zillow


Rachel went above and beyond to get me the house I wanted. She was immediately available what seemed like 24/7, and had an in-depth knowledge of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. She stayed on top of all aspects of the home buying process and kept me informed on everything. I highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a hard workout, charismatic, knowledgable realtor who will go out of her way to get you your new home!

Jamie – 10/18/2018 via Zillow


I'm incredibly grateful to have had Rachel as my realtor.  She was recommended to me by a number of my friends who all had glowing reviews.  Ann Arbor area is an incredibly tough market and as a first time home buyer I had so much to learn.  I think what I valued most about working with Rachel was  her incredible knowledge of the Ann Arbor area neighborhoods, housing market, and all the ins and outs of what to be aware of in the homes we looked at (things that would need to be fixed, things that would impact resale- things that I would never have noticed on my own). 

She was really helpful at helping me consider all the pros and cons of a place so I really had a sense of what I would be getting before I put an offer on a place and I learned so much through the process.   If there was something I didn't love about a house she could also give me ideas for how I could fix something and see the potential that I didn't originally see.  At the inspection for my house, the inspector told me that Rachel was the only realtor that he would actually ask questions to because she knows so much.  

She was also incredibly responsive to me throughout the process always answering my texts or calls quickly and getting me in to see houses asap which is so important here.  She also really got a sense for what I was looking for quickly and helped guide me towards appropriate homes within my budget and meeting my qualifications.  She is respectful, courteous, and the best in the business.  Ultimately she worked late one evening to help me get my perfect house and has now given me great recommendations for other service providers (ex. electrician) to turn my house into a home.  She gets my highest recommendation!

Amanda – 7/23/2018 via Zillow


When I was looking for a house to buy, I had very narrow and unique requirements. Rachel Robinson first found a house that met those requirements. She then crafted a winning offer for that house. I have no doubt that I would not be in this house today if it wasn't for Rachel. She not only was a pleasure to work with, but her deep knowledge of real estate gave me the advantage I needed in a very competitive market. I will highly recommend her services to others!

Todd – 5/14/2018


Rachel has been a real pleasure to work with. If you're looking for a house in Ann Arbor, she's the person to work with. She grew up and lives in Ann Arbor so she knows just about everything you want to know (and more) about the city. Rachel was always accommodating to us with our challenging schedule, and is an extremely quick learner to learn your preferences and tailor your house search to you. She goes above and beyond in every way.

Kyle & Victoria - 10/19/2017 via Google


We feel really lucky have used Rachel Robinson as our realtor! As first time home buyers we were still trying to figure out what we were looking for in a home, I also know that with my job I could have to sell quickly at any time so I needed someone who could guide us through the process. I instantly knew Rachel had our best interest in mind and she was not going to let us put an offer on a property that wouldn't be a great investment. She was thorough and quick to jump on anything we were interested in.

Rachel carefully guided us through the process and helped us look out for red flags. From the time we first met with Rachel to the time we closed was just 6 weeks! Even after closing Rachel has continued to be a valuable resource for us. I've already been recommending Rachel to anyone interested in buying or selling!

Kristy & Brandon – 8/17/2017 via Google Zillow


Rachel did an excellent job selling my home in Ann Arbor. During the entire process, she was exceptionally well-organized, professional, and always available. I would certainly choose her again as my agent.

Roy – 8/13/2017 via Google+ & Zillow


Rachel is nothing short of a professional. In what was one of the hardest and most competitive Ann Arbor housing markets, Spring 2017, she deftly and calmly guided us each step of the way into bidding, and eventually landing our first home in Ann Arbor. Enough cannot be said of her professionalism, willingness to work overtime to help us out, and her overall niceness. She is a realtor's Realtor and I would recommend her in a heartbeat to any and everyone seeking to buy a home in the Ann Arbor surrounding area!

Chris – 7/21/2017 – via Google


My husband and I heard about Rachel through a friend, and we were so glad that we ended up buying our first home with her. Rachel is wonderful, and I cannot recommend her highly enough! I can list several reasons why Rachel is such a great real estate agent: 1. Excellent communication and accessibility. Rachel consistently and promptly responds to emails, texts and phone calls. When our offer was accepted, she sent us detailed messages with specific instructions to walk us through the next steps. 2. She listens to your needs and preferences. Rachel asked questions about what we liked and didn't like about different houses, and then really listened to get a sense of what we were looking for. 3. She's extremely hardworking. Rachel repeatedly went above and beyond in helping us through the home buying process. We were moving from across the country and couldn't be present for a lot of the process, so Rachel was the one there during the various inspections (including the general inspection, sewer scope) and even organized getting quotes for different things that needed to be addressed (roof, mold, radon).

She took care of so many of the logistical steps and made it pretty simple for us. 4. She's knowledgeable and knows the market very well. There were several times that we found houses that we thought looked good online, but when we talked with Rachel she would tell us about an unstable foundation, or water in the basement, or highway noise, or other things that we didn't know or hadn't thought of. We valued this input tremendously. 5. She gave an honest professional opinion about what she liked and didn't like about different houses. We never felt like Rachel was trying to talk us into a house, but rather felt that she wanted us to be informed to make the right decision for us. She was logical, thoughtful and practical in her advice. Overall, we felt that Rachel really invested in us as clients. She listened to what we needed and then worked incredibly hard to help get the right house for our family. I can't imagine what more you would want in a real estate agent, and would recommend Rachel wholeheartedly and without reservation! Alexandra – 6/27/2016 via Google+


When it came time to start looking for our first house our first choice for a realtor was Rachel. From our first meeting, all the way to the closing table Rachel was top notch. Rachel’s expertise and opinions were invaluable to us. She was responsive to our requests to see houses, sometimes same day and always on top of following up with us. When we finally had an offer on a house accepted her recommendations for inspectors were phenomenal and she worked to get everything set up as soon as possible for us. Our closing took longer than expected but through the whole process she was supportive and stayed in contact with our lender to be sure they were working for us as hard as she was. Rachel really went above and beyond for us and we would highly recommend her to everyone! 

JKT - 2/15/2017 via Zillow


We heard about Rachel through rave reviews from friends who also used her as their realtor and we are so glad we did! As a local to Ann Arbor she knew exactly what to show us based on our wish list and we trusted her opinion and expertise 100%. Rachel was proactive about sending properties our way through our client portal. She followed up regularly and made every step of the process seamless. This was our first time buying in the Ann Arbor area and Rachel made it as stress free as possible. We have already recommended her and wouldn't hesitate to do so again. 

Christine - 2/1/2017 - via Zillow


Working with Rachel has shown us what it really means to be a top tier realtor. We worked with her 5 years ago to purchase our first house, and then recently she sold that house and helped us find our new house. We can’t say enough good things about working with her: she is direct, knowledgeable and well researched, and strikes a great balance between imparting her wisdom and giving us room to create our own opinions. We found this particularly helpful in our first house hunt as we were so new to the process. Where she really shines, however, is handling the unforeseen and challenging situations. We found ourselves in a highly contentious situation with the sellers of our current house as they were arguing with each other (not us) and leaving a fair number of surprises for us on closing day. I can confidently say if not for the way Rachel handled that day (a 4 hour closing) we would have walked away from what we considered the perfect house for us. She helped us quickly devise a plan, including calling contractors to deliver estimates for last minute damage the sellers had left. The way she orchestrated that situation was professional, accurate, and impressive. She is a wonderful person to work with when things are going according to plan, and an invaluable resource when it comes time to problem solve should the need arise. There is a lot at stake when buying and selling a house, and having a true professional like Rachel in your corner is the only way to go. 

Joseph - 1/24/2017 via Zillow


Rachel made buying our first house so seamless. Not only does she know Ann Arbor as only a true local does, she also got to know myself and my partner and went out of her way to recommend places she thought we'd like. I trusted her opinion on houses and was amazed at her expertise- she definitely gave it to us straight. Even when we decided halfway through the process to start looking for a condo vs. houses, she moved forward without a hitch. We ended up finding the most beautiful condo that we are in love with, I couldn't have been happier with the process and Rachel was a huge part of it. HIGHLY recommend.

Ashley & Justin – 11/28/2016 via Zillow

Rachel was actually recommended to me by two other close friends who also found homes in the Ann Arbor area, with her help. This was my first time buying a home or even learning what that looked like, and Rachel was very supportive. She was readily available to answer any of my questions via texts, email, and phone calls. I felt like she was truly supportive of my interests when we looked at different places and she even had fun ideas on decorating and rearranging the home. Through various negotiations and inspections, she was able to get me the best deal as well as allowed me to feel safe in my new home. I would not have been able to do ANY of this without her! I have a beautiful little place in Ypsi now that I absolutely love.

Heather – 11/28/2016 via Zillow


We recently bought and sold a home with Rachel and had a very positive experience with her. We were greatly impressed with her knowledge, expertise and professional approach. She was always swift in response to our questions and made the process easy for us by being highly organized and calm. What we truly valued and appreciated when working with Rachel was seeing that she is a true advocate for her clients. We would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of buying/selling a home. She is excellent!

David & Tracy – 9/13/2026 via email


Rachel was a fantastic realtor that made the first-time home buying experience a breeze. She provided honest feedback of not only all of the properties we saw in terms of potential and ROI, but also of the price, location, and market competitiveness. She did this all while empowering us to make our own decisions without pressuring us into a specific property (and we went through many over the course of 3 months!). Overall, it was a pleasure working with Rachel, and I highly recommend her as a Realtor.

Costi & Adrienne – 8/30/2016 via Google+


Rachel was very invested in us having the best home buying experience we could. After a few poor experiences with other Ann Arbor realtors, Rachel was so refreshing to work alongside! She never said we couldn't find what we wanted and was available to us with any and all questions, no matter how seemingly ridiculous, when we needed her. She was always responsive to our needs and questions, even if it was a quick reply to tell us when she would be available. She gave us great recommendations for a mortgage when she thought our rate seemed higher than it should be. In the end, after some hiccups with the sellers, Rachel got us a home we love in the neighborhood we wanted at the price we hoped for! Thanks Rachel!!!

Jennifer & Corey – 7/31/2016 via Google+


When we decided to sell our home Rachel was the best person we could have ever chosen to help us with the process! She made the entire process go smoothly, be stress free, and quick! Because of Rachel's extensive knowledge and experience she knew exactly what would make our home sell. We were able to accept an offer for sale within 4 days of the home being listed! Her communication with us kept us fully informed at all times and she was very accessible both during the day and in the evenings- she worked with what worked for us. We would recommend Rachel to anyone that is looking to sell a home- she is amazing at what she does and she takes the time to build a relationship with her clients!

Nicole & Jason – 7/22/2016 via  Zillow 


Rachel Robinson is excellent at what she does. We were in the market for our first home and she guided us through each step with clear and concise directions. She responded to us and was available when we needed her. She made our first buy a great one and we are very thankful to be working with her.

Beth & Jeff 7/6/2016 via Zillow 

Rachel is an expert on the Old West Side in Ann Arbor, and I am certain an expert in any other area. She is very detailed and conscientious in terms of presenting your home for sale (photos, advertising, etc). She sold my house in a day! Rachel Robinson is also extremely professional and responsive. I definitely recommend Rachel Robinson!

Kathryn 6/24/2016 via Zillow


Rachel Robinson is very organized and walks you through the process of buying and selling a home. She is very easy to communicate with, in person and through e-mail and text. She is very dedicated to her clients and makes the process easy. Rachel was great and we would highly recommend her services.

Laura & Dan – 4/19/2016 via Zillow


We met Rachel Robinson at a house showing for which she was the seller's agent and were struck by her professionalism, which is why we enlisted her to help us find a first home. Rachel proved to be an excellent partner in our home search---from meeting us for showings at odd hours to fit our family's schedule to explaining each phase of the buying process prior to and, again, during our home purchase. Beyond that, Rachel was an excellent resource for our recently relocated family.

She familiarized us with the neighborhoods of Ann Arbor and local real estate trends, connected us with top notch home inspectors and tradespeople (we chose a fixer-upper), and even gave us tips on great local shops, restaurants and family-friendly activities and events. Our home buying process was less completed in less than a month (from offer to closing) and we are thrilled about the purchase. Having Rachel, an Ann Arbor native and a knowledgeable, professional realtor, paid off for our family. We recommend her to anyone starting the home buying process.

John-Claude & Caitlin – 5/4/2016 via Google+

Rachel was wonderful to work with. She is extremely helpful and knowledgeable (both about the area and about houses in general). Rachel was able to arrange all of our meetings and house viewings in a way that worked for our schedule, which was a huge help! The house we bought was for sale by owner, and the person selling it was not always clear on what needed to be done. Rachel put in the extra time and effort to manage these issues for us and make the process as painless as possible for us. I would definitely recommend Rachel to anyone looking to buy or sell a house!

Sarah & Ryan - 10/29/2015 - via Google+


Rachel was a pleasure to work with. She was by our side for the several months that we were looking to buy our home. She helped us to submit several offers in a very competitive market. As first time homebuyers, Rachel was extremely patient and skilled in teaching us about the process and making us aware of key issues to consider. She has a great eye and knows the Ann Arbor community extremely well. We were keeping close tabs on the houses that were coming on the market and still Rachel often beat us to finding places that would be of interest to us.

Rachel  is punctual, thorough, knowledgeable, and patient--all qualities that make for a terrific realtor. We are so pleased with the home we ended up with, and we're grateful to Rachel for all of her guidance, support, and perseverance through our long house hunt. 

Erica & Alex – 9/16/2015 via Trulia


Rachel Robinson was an excellent realtor. She kept us fully informed every step of the way in selling our house, including all the little bumps in the road. She had a phenomenal sales plan and helped us to price our house appropriately so we received almost our full asking price. She went above and beyond to help us with the details. She excelled at communication and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in the Ann Arbor area.

Emily & John – 9/15/2015 via Trulia


We had a wonderful experience working with Rachel. We are new to Ann Arbor and knew nothing about the town. Rachel Robinson took us on several tours just to get to know the different neighborhoods. Her knowledge of the area as well as her understanding of local builders and the common issues affecting homes in each neighborhood, gave us confidence in our final decision. During the contract and closing process she made sure things ran smoothly, setting up inspections, corresponding with lawyers and sellers. Every question we had was answered within the day. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor in the Ann Arbor area.

Lauren & Ryan – 7/30/2015 via Google+


I had a great experience with Rachel Robinson. She was calm and professional with any uncertainty or problem (with my house) that arose. She wasn't scared off by old house issues, tenants, clutter, messy gardens or any other issue. She understood my circumstances and made no unreasonable demands on my time or - more importantly - my finances! She handled everything so efficiently -- I got 3 offers over the asking price, took one, got the second as a back-up offer and ended up selling to the first for a final price that was still over the asking price. It was a painless, almost stress-free experience thanks to Rachel's skill!! Can't recommend her enough!

Anne – 7/15/2015 via Google+


Rachel is absolutely outstanding! I recently moved to Ann Arbor from several states away, so it was a challenge to find and buy a house. Rachel Robinson made that difficult process so much easier. Being from Ann Arbor, she has exceptional local insight into the housing market. Since I was not in the area before closing, she was willing to arrange and meet with inspectors in my place. She helped me understand all aspects of the closing process. I cannot recommend her more highly, especially if you are new to the area and not familiar with Ann Arbor!

Julie – 7/9/2015 via Google+


Rachel was the agent on the other side of the table when I bought my Old West Side home in 2011. When I decided to leave Ann Arbor and sell the house in 2014, I knew who to call!  Rachel Robinson was extremely helpful at every stage: she advised me on what needed to be done to prepare the house for sale, connected me with contractors, took photos &  put together a beautiful marketing brochure, and arranged for showings. We had multiple offers in the first few days on the market, and Rachel helped me sort through the pros and cons of each. She guided me through the inspection, negotiation, and closing processes with patience and care, and I ended up getting well above my asking price! 

Rachel Robinson is great at what she does: she's knowledgeable, personable, thoughtful, and responsive. I always felt confident that she would keep track of the details and make things go as smoothly as possible. She went the extra mile many times during the few months we worked together, even going to the house after I'd left the state and sending me the mail that had arrived before forwarding kicked in! 

I'd recommend Rachel without reservation to anyone who wants to sell a house in Ann Arbor. 

Susan - 3/6/15

Rachel Robinson recently put her skills and deep Old West Side roots to optimal use on our behalf.  She is thoroughly versed in the minutiae of not only the rules and regs of Ann Arbor real estate but also the unique characteristics of the OWS.  We were able to glide quickly through the sale of our house and the purchase of our nearby condo, thanks to her proficient guidance.  Kudos and thanks, Rachel! 

Tony & Linda – 11/10/2014


My husband and I could not have asked for a better Realtor to work with when purchasing our first home. Rachel Robinson helped us navigate the process every step of the way and was an invaluable resource throughout – from selecting which houses to visit to making a competitive offer, and from providing advice on inspections to walking us through the closing process. She was wonderful to work with – personable, professional, responsive. Rachel Robinson was attentive to our needs and truly had our best in mind, and I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a home!

Gina and John – 9/10/2014


Rachel Robinson was great to work with! She was very knowledgeable about the different Ann Arbor neighborhoods, and stuck by us during a really long shopping process, accommodating our frequent last-minute requests to see properties. She worked hand-in-hand with our mortgage broker to ensure that our closing was on schedule, and we felt we were in good hands from start to finish. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone buying or selling a home.

Dave and Jenn – 8/8/2014


Working with Rachel Robinson when buying our home and then again when selling, was a wonderful experience. Being first time home buyers and home sellers, we didn’t always know what to expect and what we needed to do to keep the things rolling. Rachel made sure we were well-informed and prepared throughout the buying and selling process. We received constant communication via email and phone every step of the way.

She responded quickly to all of our many questions and we truly felt we were in the hands of an experienced professional. In fact, our home sold for full asking price within 24 hours of putting it on the market! We highly recommend Rachel and the entire Reinhart team!

Blake and Whitney – 7/20/2014


As first time homebuyers, working with Rachel as our realtor was the best decision. We were juggling busy schedules, and Rachel was able to streamline our process and make it as simple as possible because of her promptness, courteousness, flexibility, and her excellent attention to detail.  She is an incredibly thorough and trustworthy professional, and she is knowledgeable in all topics surrounding real estate from the local market, to the financing and closing process is even providing access to reputable contractors. She is truly an expert in her field and a pleasure to work with. We will absolutely recommend Rachel to all our friends and will be calling on her when it comes time to sell our current home and purchase a new one in a few years.

Alex and Katie01 /09/ 2014


Working with Rachel was an absolute pleasure. We had a very tight time frame to purchase a home and very specific criteria. We offered on our home three days after our wedding, and Rachel was incredibly available and flexible with her time when we were extremely busy. She knows Ann Arbor very well and helped guide us into our perfect home, line up fabulous contractors, and navigate an extremely competitive market. It was a very easy first home buying experience and we owe that all to Rachel! 

Steve and Sarah - 7/28/2013


As first time home buyers, we had a steep learning curve ahead of us when it came to finding our home. Rachel walked us through the process, helping us figure out what was realistic and attainable along the way. Rachel knew what we were looking for, and when she found out that a house we had our eye on was potentially going to be on the market, she let us know right away. Being able to write an appropriate offer quickly was key in our home-purchasing process. After the offer was accepted, she went above and beyond; she called contractors in the area to help us put together reasonable quotes for some of the "incidentals" found during our inspection. We appreciated Rachel's knowledge of the housing market, guidance on Ann Arbor homes and neighborhoods, and most of all, her patience in helping us attain our first home.

Lindsay and Ray - 4/9/2013